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Acme has a diverse fleet ready to safely haul your loads. Below you will find a sample of our equipment types and typical capabilities. For more information about specific requirements and availability, please contact your local terminal or a National Sales representative.

Need something bigger? Learn more about our Overweight/Overdimensional services.


Total weight and dimensions depend on trailer and permit.

Single Axle

Max Load Weight: 27,000#
Max Load Dimensions: Depends on trailer and permit

Two Ton

Max Load Weight: 15,000#
Max Load Dimensions: 20'x8'x8'


Max Load Weight: 15,000
Max Load Dimensions: 40'x8'x8'

Max dimensions may differ based on trailer

One Ton

Max Load Weight: 5000#
Max Load Dimensions: 12'x8'x8'


Max Load Weight: 1,500#
Max Load Dimensions: 6'x4'x5'


Max Load Length: 48' or 53'
Max Load Dimensions: 8'6" wide


Single Drop Deck (Stepdeck)

Max Load Weight: 40-42,500#
Max Load Length: Main deck 37'
Max Load Dimensions: 10' height on lower deck

Double Drop

Max Load Weight: 38-40,000#
Max Load Length: Main deck 28'
Max Load Dimensions: 11.5' height on main deck

Lowboy (RGN)

Max Load Weight: 38-40,000#
Max Load Dimensions: 12' height on main deck