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Accident Prevention

Acme is committed to a safe and efficient operation, and has installed a comprehensive Safety Awareness Program to accomplish this goal. Acme has one of the best safety records in our industry. Acme carries a full line of cargo, workers’ compensation, and auto liability insurance which meets or exceeds all Department of Transportation requirements. Acme’s driver training and drug testing procedures enhance the effectiveness of our Accident Prevention program.

Acme’s strict hiring procedure is tops in the trucking industry. Not everyone can qualify to join the Acme team. On average, 40% of our driver applicants do not meet Acme ‘s standards and are not hired.

The driver hiring process, along with our ongoing Professional Driving Seminars, help our drivers to be considered the finest in the industry. Acme drivers attend a monthly Safety meeting which covers Safety Procedures and keeps drivers informed of customer needs and requirements, as well as changes in the industry.  Acme’s training program includes:

  • New Driver Applicant Orientation   (2 day program at time of hire)
  • DAT – Driver Awareness Training    (one day program after 6 months of service)
  • DART – Driver Annual Refresher Training  (one day annual program)

To keep the drivers actively thinking Safety, Acme has developed an ongoing Safety Program that rewards the driver for being safe and thinking safe.

All of these make Acme ‘s drivers #1 in the trucking industry.

Acme’s Training Department is staffed with seven full-time Safety Supervisors/Instructors based out of Acme’s main geographical service centers. All Supervisors/Instructors are certified by the IADC and the Texas Trucking Association as Certified Driver Trainers (CDT).

While the main responsibility of the Supervisors/Instructors is Driver training, these individuals are also available as resources to our Drivers and Terminals with questions regarding government regulations and Acme policies and procedures.

Acme safely ships hundreds of Hazardous Materials loads each month. The shipment of Hazardous Materials has become an ever-increasing and ever changing concern. ACME has a Hazardous Materials training course for all its drivers to keep them informed of these changes. ACME maintains a Hazardous Materials Response team on call 24 hours a day.

Customer requirements are incorporated into our training programs in a collaborative effort to assure Acme drivers meet HSE expectations.  All employees are coached in the basic practices of identifying, reducing, eliminating, and reporting hazards associated with their work. Stop Work Authority, Hazard Training Information, Defensive Driving, and Cargo Securement are core features our Acme’s instruction. Drivers are coached to report any and all incidents to Acme as well as the Person in Charge (PIC) at any locations we service. Our goal is zero incidents.

Acme’s training programs are accredited by the IADC (International Association of Drilling Contractors). As part of our training process, Acme drivers are issued IADC RigPass cards. Acme was the first transportation company accredited by the IADC to issue RigPass cards.