About Us


Acme was founded in 1960 as a Louisiana intrastate oilfield hauler. At the time the Company consisted of six trucks, two small sheds in Harvey, Louisiana, and three office employees.

From these humble beginnings, Acme has grown into a recognized industry leader with a fleet of more than 1,500 trucks, more than 40 service points, and nationwide and Canadian operating authorities.

Acme has always exclusively used owner/operators in order to provide strong motivation for excellent customer service. Because Acme utilizes all leased equipment, it shares opportunity and responsibility with its employees and allows for faster growth and more flexibility in matching truck inventory to market needs.

Acme opened its second office in 1974 and now operates nearly 80 offices nationwide. This network creates backhauls and assistance for Acme drivers, an aggressive national sales effort, and better customer service.

Today Acme is a nationwide operation headquarted in Gretna, Louisiana. An over 60 year record of continuous expansion has prepared Acme to meet the challenges of the future and respond to an ever-changing marketplace. While we are proud of our past accomplishments, we have not forgotten the cornerstone of our success: Serve our customers by keeping their freight moving safely and on time with the best and most highly trained employees in our industry.