Acme Truck Line, Inc. dba Acme Supply Chain Solutions, partners with over 2,000 carriers to serve our customers’ needs. If you need agent verification, please call 877-855-2263. Acme’s standard payment terms are 28 days.

Acme Quick Pay Program

Approved carriers can register for Acme’s Quick Pay program to receive payments via direct deposit in 3 business days for 3%.

TRANSFLO $Velocity

Acme uses TRANSFLO $Velocity from Pegasus Transtech to collect load documents simply and securely. Carriers are able to submit trip information in a matter of minutes. All you need is a PC, scanner and free software.

Use the Broker ID of ACMEV for all transactions.

Visit the $Velocity website to learn more about the program and to download the necessary software.


Send to

Truck Stop Scanning

Truck stop scanning is offered at no cost to approved carriers. With TRANSFLO Express trip documents are scanned at truck stops by trained cashiers and delivered within the hour to Acme’s Corporate Office for processing. Your driver receives a printed confirmation of the scanning and keeps the original documents.

The following are required to process scanned documents:

a) the signed Acme Load confirmation sheet with trip number and bar codes


b) proof of delivery (such as a signed bill of lading) with no exceptions indicated

No invoice is required with truck stop scanning. Please contact Acme’s accounts payable department with any questions at 877-855-2263

Acme’s fleet ID is A C M E

Click here to learn more about TRANSFLO Express and to locate participating truck stops.